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My plans are for a 400-450HP setup, with studs, springs and pushrods.

Large alloy Holset compressor housing with 4inch ported Map Width Enhancement anti-surge inlet and 2in (ID) 2.

It's compressor is milled from a single alloy block. H. Turbocharger 2007-2012 Dodge 6.


Thread starter GabAlmighty; Start date Nov 2, 2008; Prev. . This turbocharger has a T4 Flange on the entry side with split entry.

Näytä yhdellä. My plans are for a 400-450HP setup, with studs, springs and pushrods.

you also need to know how big of an exhaust housing is on it, should be stamped on it somewhere.


For truck owners looking for track-quality acceleration, the HX40 is a better choice. 0 liters.

turbo make: holset. condition: new.

The Super40 does have a "stock" 60mm comp wheel but what makes it a Super40 is the turbine side.
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TherunninglineislocatedintheheartoftheHolset HX50’sgraph,whichiswheretheturbocharger’s compressorstageismostefficientandgivesthe HolsetHX50alargechokeandsurgemargin.

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Official ratings put this monster at 650 to 750 hp and 2 to 3-liter engines, allthough the HX50 is often seen on even bigger engines. Brand New. pdf), Text File (. 2 - 7. . 22.

Oil cooled journal bearing core with 360deg thrust bearing and heavy duty core.

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