2: On the computer, click on the Network Connections and select.


Open the WIFI STICK case. .


This WiFi Stick Datalogger Quick Installation Manual provides instructions for installing and configuring the Solis S3-WIFI and 2AWE8-S3-WIFI WiFi Stick.

If Logger is not broadcasting after reset please contact your local service support for a replacement if within the 2 year warranty period. Plug in DLS-W to inverter for power and hold button down for 5-10 seconds until lights flash. Solis's new generation of communication monitoring module adopts a 4-pin RS485 port and USB port, and the plug-and-play connection method.

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. The setup process for the Solis Wifi Data Logger is fairly similar to the Cellular Data Logger's process. 2.

Fault alarm, real-time monitoring. .


Reliability Safety Capacity WiFi Data Logger.

It may also be affected by lighting storms. Modes of access into the stick include scraping the status page (limit info), listening to the server A/B, and accessing the internal server via Modbus.

Aug 8, 2022 · The Solis Wi-Fi stick is a very clever, simple, external plug-in device, which is fully universal across the Solis inverter range. .

3: Verify the lights come on.
•Short press will send the data immediately.
This is the latest WiFi dongle.

Solis S1-W4G-ST WiFi & Cellular Data Logger Set Up Guide; Solis S3-WIFI-ST Wi-Fi Data Logger Setup Guide; Solis DLS-W WiFi Data Logger Installation Guide; Solis Cellular Data Logger Installation Guide; Solis DLS-C Cellular Data Logger - Carrier Compatibility; Replacing a Solis Data Logger; WiFi password changed.

Every solar system, regardless of size and complexity benefits from monitoring and this datalogger is the gateway to the informative online platform, SolisCloud.

Then plug the Wifi Data Logger into the port and be sure to secure it by tightening the black connector. To connect to the WIFI stick go to the WIFI connections and select the AP_XXXXXXX and connect. Data Logging Stick: GPRS/WiFi.

There are many physical models, many firmware releases, and many communication protocols. Solis Data Logging Stick – WiFi Gen 3 – S3-WIFI-ST. OR. This 3rd Gen device includes 3 external LEDs to confirm connection status as well as a reset button on the outside Connect to up to 10 inverters with one S3 datalogger Quick. . Jan 5, 2022 · Learn how to easily access device information with the solis SOL-DLS-W Data Logger Wifi Stick.

Subnet mask:255.

. Solis Data Logging Stick – WiFi Gen 3 – S3-WIFI-ST.



Solis Data Logging Stick – WiFi Gen 3 – S3-WIFI-ST.

Connect to the inverter (to get power) 3.